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Mine Environment Management Ltd

The Science Behind Success

Who we are

Mine Environment Management (MEM) is a leading geoscience and environmental engineering consultancy headquartered in Wales, UK.


As mining consultants we deliver practical and pragmatic answers for the mining industry worldwide across the full life of mine cycle, from planning through operations to closure and regeneration.

MEM was established with the core aim to utilise sound scientific principles to develop novel and innovative solutions for the management of the mining environment. We strongly believe science is behind the success of your project.

Our mining consultants have extensive practical and applied experience of the planning, design and management of tailings and waste rock storage facilities across a broad range of geographical and climatic site settings and commodity types. Our fields of expertise in applied geoscience is broad and reflects our comprehensive commercial and research project track record.

We have significant international experience having worked on projects in Scandinavia, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa, Central and Southern America, Canada, Indonesia, Laos and the Philippines. 

We have a strong research track record and our staff have authored over 20 published scientific papers relating to mine site geochemistry, laboratory testing, mine waste management and mine closure planning and have presented widely at international conferences in South America, Africa, Central Asia, China, Europe, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

We collaborate with other consultants on research projects. Our current collaborations are on carbon sequestration, fragmentation and modular water treatment projects.

What we offer

  • Integrated mine planning, waste scheduling and waste management optimisation

  • Operational technical support for mine geology, planning and environment

  • Tailings and waste rock storage facility environmental management, planning and concept design

  • Mine site geochemistry, waste characterisation and predictive modelling

  • Carbon capture and sequestration

  • Innovative laboratory testing

  • Waste storage facility intrusive investigation (sonic drilling)

  • Water quality assessment, management and sustainable treatment technologies

  • Mine closure planning, site rehabilitation and repurposing

  • Technical training and development of site manuals/operational procedures

  • Site auditing of waste storage facilities and management practice

Our Vision

Challenge the status quo by constantly developing innovative, novel solutions to problems and practical, useful tools for the successful management of the mine environment.

Our Values

Our commitments to clients are to:

  • Provide a clear answer

  • Deliver value for money

  • Give practical and workable advice

  • Be proactive and reactive to ensure we always deliver on time

Our core working principles are to:

  • Always take a scientific approach

  • Always prioritise safety in everything we do

  • Adopt novel and innovative practices

  • Lead, not follow, on technical research

  • Always display a high level of integrity 

  • Never compromise on ethical practice 

  • Invest in our staff

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