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Tailings & Waste Rock Storage Facility Environmental Management, Planning & Concept Design

Tailings and mine waste facilities comprise the largest engineering projects in the world and pose the most significant long-term management risks for many sites. As such MEM believes that getting it right first time is critical when it comes to designing and managing these facilities. Our approach is that prevention is better than cure and through integrated, sustainable and innovative planning, long term environmental risks can be successfully managed.  We believe in a first principles scientific approach and fully embrace ongoing advancements in all technical research into mine waste storage facilities and commit to deliver success through excellence in science. No site is the same and as such our guiding principle is to be specialised and not generalised to the design, planning and management of waste storage facilities. Our technical team have experience in the design and management of tailings and waste rock storage facilities worldwide in climates from tropics to the arctic and in many of those in between.

Our technical support services in the area of environmental management for tailings and waste rock includes:

  • Environmental impact assessment

  • AMD risk assessment and management plans

  • Spontaneous combustion assessment

  • Gas flux assessment and modelling

  • Seepage assessment and modelling

  • Mine waste management plans

  • Waste scheduling and mine planning

  • Waste placement concept design

  • AMD predictive modelling and loading calculations

  • Validation testing programs and method statements

  • On site testing and analysis programs

  • Oxygen ingress control engineering concepts

  • Monitoring system design

  • Telemetry and data logging systems

  • Concept closure design and planning

  • Rehabilitation design and planning

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