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Quantitative Hydrogeological & Human Health Risk Assessment & Management 

From the assessment of long term impacts to sensitive surface water bodies, and from mine waste facility discharges to occupational health and safety risks posed by mining and handling reactive waste rock, the assessment and quantification of risk is integral to all aspects of the project life cycle. As such the application of a sound scientific approach is the cornerstone of MEMs approach to risk assessment and management. We fully embrace ongoing advancements in all areas of technical research into quantitative risk management and assessment, and commit to deliver success through excellence in science. No site is the same and as such our guiding principle is to be specialised and not generalised. Our technical staff have a demonstratable track record in the application of detailed quantitative risk assessment methods employed across a wide range of environmental management applications.

Our services in the area of quantitative risk assessment include:

  • Environmental impact assessment

  • Quantitative human health risk assessment and modelling

  • Quantitative groundwater and surface water risk assessment and fate and transport modelling

  • Spontaneous combustion assessment

  • Quantitative AMD predictive modelling and loading assessment

  • Quantitative gas flux assessment and oxygen consumption modelling

  • Quantitative seepage assessment and modelling

  • LandSim, GasSim, ConSim modelling

  • Probabilistic distribution curve development and crystal ball modelling

  • Geochemical and hydrochemical modelling  

  • Principal component analysis

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