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IMWA Program

A busy week at IMWA for the MEM team with Steven Pearce and Julia Dent chairing sessions plus numerous papers being presented.

  • 13th July Steven Pearce chairing Legacy Mines Impacts from 1300

  • 14th July Julian Dent chairing Legacy Mines Impacts from 1240

  • 14th July James Marsden presenting paper on Site Specific Optimisation Assessment Of Circum-neutral Water Treatment Using a Cost-treatability Curve Assessment @ 1305

  • 14th July Steven Pearce presenting paper on Evaluating Circum-neutral Mine Drainage: Case Studies of Advanced Testing Methods Generating Representative Empirical Data @ 1330

  • 15th July Steven Pearce presenting paper on Using Geological Analogues And Proxies To Better Determine AMD Risk @ 1240

  • 15th July Julia Dent presenting paper on Laboratory Testing To Determine The Effectiveness Of Capping And Risk Of Long-term Metal Release From Mine Waste At The Abandoned Abbey Consols Lead-Zinc Mine, Wales, UK @ 1305

Full program click here:


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