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Mine Closure Planning, Site Rehabilitation & Repurposing

Mining activities comprise the largest engineering projects in the world however at each site the resources are finite no matter how large the resource and at some point mining activities will cease.  At MEM we believe that the cessation of mining activities do not represent the end of the productive use of the land, rather they provide an opportunity for a new positive purpose for the site.  We are passionate in our approach to post mining repurposing and rehabilitation that seeks to establish a positive legacy of mining activities and a successful transition to a new purpose.  Our approach is that through integrated, sustainable and innovative planning, long term environmental risks can be successfully managed in conjunction with development of economic and social benefits. We have particular experience of progressive closure planning and concepts, and believe that progressive closure strategies are the key to success long term risk management.  No site is the same and as such our guiding principle is to be specialised and not generalised to the design, planning and management of post closure purposing. Our headquarters are based less than an hour’s drive from a number of world’s leading innovative mine repurposing projects, and we are proud that our government is the first in the world to adopt legislation that aims to secure the well being of future generations.

Our technical support services in the area of mine site rehabilitation and repurposing:

  • Environmental monitoring and sampling plans

  • Site investigations and waste storage facility risk assessments

  • Progressive closure planning and concept designs

  • Carbon capture and sequestration potential assessment

  • Waste materials scheduling and balances for rehabilitation

  • Source evaluations for rehabilitation materials

  • Rehabilitation concept design and planning

  • Repurposing assessments and concept planning

  • Economic and social development opportunity assessments 

  • Novel repurposing project feasibility assessments

Read more about our carbon capture and sequestration research.

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