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Innovative Laboratory Testing

At MEM we understand that laboratory data provides the scientific basis for the majority of technical studies related to environmental management. We believe in a first principles scientific approach and fully embrace ongoing advancements in technical research. No site is the same and as such our guiding principle is to be specialised and not generalised, to embrace change not resist it so that we can innovate and not stagnate. To achieve this aim we have partnered with a specialised geochemistry laboratory based in our home country of Wales where we carry out world leading research into mine site geochemistry. These facilities offer innovative and customised laboratory testing services in the area of geochemistry and waste characterisation. This partnership also provides MEM with a vertically integrated service offering, where we manage and control testing from site sampling to data analysis. We have significant experience in designing and trialling new testing methods and modifying existing methods, and are passionate about ensuring our methods are always at the leading edge of current scientific research.

Our integrated services include:

  • Sampling and analysis plans

  • Laboratory testing program design, management and cost control

  • On site field testing (FPXRF)

  • On site laboratory testing specification and installation

  • Oxygen consumption testing design and operation

  • Leaching column design and operation

  • Kinetic testing design, set up and operation (HTC, LC)

  • Static testing (NAG, ABCC, NAPP)

  • Mineralogical analysis and interpretation

  • Particle size specific geochemical analysis (PSSGA)

  • Customised and modified analysis techniques     

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