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Contaminated Sites Assessment & Remediation

In many countries mine sites fall under contaminated sites regulation and as such there is a need to consider and integrate contaminated sites issues as part of mine permitting, operations, closure and rehabilitation planning. MEM staff have significant international experience working with contaminated sites both within and outside of the mining industry and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of contaminated sites assessment. From planning site investigations to completing detailed quantitative risk assessments and carrying out technical audits we have the knowledge and experience to deliver project success.

Our services in the area of contaminated sites assessment include:

  • Desktop assessments

  • Phased site investigation planning

  • Sampling and analysis plans

  • Drilling contractor supervision and contract management

  • Site supervision

  • On site analysis techniques

  • Acid sulfate soils assessment

  • Laboratory analysis planning and management

  • Detailed quantitative human health risk assessment and modelling

  • Detailed quantitative groundwater and surface water risk assessment and modelling

  • Groundwater plume mapping and assessment

  • Principal component analysis

  • Detailed ground gas risk assessment and modelling

  • Monitoring installation design

  • Telemetry and data logging system design

  • Remediation scheme design and planning

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