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Carbon capture and sequestration

Tailings and mine waste facilities comprise the largest engineering projects in the world and contain the largest volumes of materials classified as waste of any industry. However at many of these sites there is a significant opportunity to utilise materials classified as waste to sustainably sequester carbon dioxide based on rapidly developing green technology.  The benefits of carbon capture and sequestration may extend to carbon emissions offsets, carbon credits, and even economic long term storage potential. We believe in a first principals scientific approach and fully embrace ongoing advancements in all technical research into the area of carbon capture and sequestration and commit to deliver success through excellence in science. We have specific experience in undertaking carbon sequestration potential assessments, and with our laboratory partner Geochemic have commissioned the development of novel laboratory assessment methods. 

Our technical support services in the area of carbon capture and sequestration:

  • Environmental monitoring and sampling plans

  • Waste storage facility carbon sequestration appraisal

  • Mineralogical assessments to assess carbon sequestration potential

  • Gas flux assessments to determine carbon sequestration potential

  • Novel kinetic testing to establish material specific carbon sequestration potential

  • Modelling assessments for long term carbon sequestration

  • Calculation of carbon emission offsets and carbon credits

  • Technical and economic appraisal of active long term carbon storage potential

Read more about our research into carbon capture.

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