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Animation, Video Production & Illustration

The mining industry is rooted in very traditional visual media methods, such as hand drawn figure illustration, complex schematics and basic computer generated maps and graphs. While these methods have their place in conveying the necessary information, there is now a growing need in the industry for modern digital media as more and more business is transferred to online processes. 
At MEM we understand the importance of displaying information in a clear and simple way, and many studies have shown that images and video are vastly more effective than text. Our in-house team and external partner Graeme Maguire specialise in the enhancement of visual media content with the use of high quality animation, post production, design and vector based illustration. This might involve creating infographic animations to explain business processes, or producing short form videos for social media. We can also help with presentations, internal training videos and re-branding. Almost all of this kind of work can be carried out remotely, cutting costs and reducing turnaround times.
Our services in the area of video production and design include:

  • 2D animation, for example info graphic and explainer videos

  • Vector based illustration and design to convey information in a clear, striking way

  • Traditional hand drawn illustration, created digitally for maximum flexibility

  • Logo design and animation to improve business visibility

  • Post production, for example editing existing on-site footage, adding titles and motion graphics 

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