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Waste Storage Facility Intrusive Investigation

Site investigations are often the most costly part of many environmental assessments.   Getting things right is of paramount importance and as such our focus is on exceptional planning and execution for these projects to deliver results. No site is the same and we understand the challenges of intrusive investigative programs into waste storage facilities, as such our approach is to be specialised and not generalised. We have significant on the tools experience in the planning and execution of large scale sonic drilling programs for investigation and installation of mine waste facilities. We are so confident in this technology we have partnered with Geosonic to provide fully integrated sonic drilling services. In addition, as part of our approach to integrated services we have also partnered with Geochemic who have specialised laboratory facilities for the analysis of recovered drill core. 

Our technical support services in the area of sonic drilling and site investigation includes:


  • Planning and execution of drilling programs from single holes to multi month campaigns

  • Contract administration, project management and cost estimation/control

  • Down hole instrumentation design, specification and site supervision  

  • Telemetry and data logging system design

  • Sample recovery, core logging and on-site analysis

  • Laboratory sample preparation and geochemical analysis

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